Alopecia Treatments

Thankfully, scalp micropigmentation provides a real solution to alopecia. SMP does not cure alopecia, as there is no cure for this condition, but it does completely conceal the symptoms which is good enough for most people.

There are two approaches that your we may take, depending on your individual requirements and your preferred strategy:

  • A localised treatment can be used to camouflage the symptoms in one particular area. This is often the method chosen when the client has a small number of patches associated with alopecia areata, the most common form of alopecia. This is also an option if you are working to a tight budget.
  • The preferred method for both generalised thinning and also alopecia areata, is to treat the entire head. This is because alopecia can be aggressive and frequently recurrent, so if the affected areas change size, shape or position, your scalp is pre-treated and you can just get on with your life.

Whatever the causes of alopecia in your particular case, scalp micropigmentation is a great remedy. We do, however, advise you to wait a while if the symptoms are less than 6 months old. Any permanent procedure like SMP is a bad idea if the condition turns out to be short-lived. As always, you should seek professional medical advice before contacting us.